Rain Gutter Chains are alternatives to a downspout. Rain Chains a novel functional way to transport rain water from your roof or corner eaves of your home. (Rainwater is sometimes collected for household usage).

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The Rain chain is absolutely beautiful and lovely to watch

We just experienced our first round of rain here in California since it has been really dry for the past couple of months and just wanted to say how thrilled we were not just with the rains but with our rain chains as we heard the rain trickling down the chain. It was absolutely beautiful. We purchased the pure copper Mizoko rain chain for our front porch as well as one for the back yard. The size is just perfect; it’s not too large or small but the right size for our home. We weren’t sure how they would fit since we have never owned a rain chain before and so we had to check our gutters in place for the diameters and see if it would accommodate a rain chain. We checked the dimensions on the website and did some investigating to see how to install it and what is required. The website really has all the information one needs to make a good analysis and informed decision. We had some other questions before placing the order. We emailed the company www.monarchrainchains.com and they got back to us very quickly and provided the answers we needed just to make sure we were not going to regret anything later. They seemed very knowledgeable and made us feel confident in the purchase we were making. We were very excited when it came that very week and they look really great in person. The material is very high quality and we are so glad we went with this rain chain. We couldn’t be more pleased with our purchase. Thanks again for a great product and responding to my questions.

Talitha Jones | Lancaster, CA

RainChains- Great product, well constructed than I expected

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I recently decided to upgrade my gutters. Since the last time it rained, I realized that it was creating many problems in my home. First, because my gutters were old and probably clogged, it was causing the water to leak and flow into the roof causing it to damage my walls. Unfortunately the problem had already begun to set in. This was a real pain but had no other choice to replace my gutters. I didn’t want additional damage to continue, especially since the flooding was occuring around the foundation of my home. I began researching online and came across a rainchains website www.monarchrainchains.com that featured many beautiful choices to the regular downspouts. I had never been exposed or seen one in person so it made it hard to know what I was getting into. Upon researching and reading customer’s feedback, it made me more at ease. I was a bit relieved that I was able to find videos of rainchains in action and just loved the way they functioned. I found the bundle deals to be very appealing since they come with pretty much everything you need to outfit your home as you wish. I loved the combination of the ring rain chain with the black powder basin. The copper finish against the brown black powder coated texture was really eye catching and envisioned it in my home. I was excited to purchase it and upon doing so, I was pleased to receive a discount on my purchase and free shipping on top of that. All I can say is I walked away very pleased and loving my new rain chain. I can’t wait for the next rain storm to come so I can invite my friends to see it in person.

Gloria Dowdall | Minneapolis, MN

Copper downspouts, a novel way of updating your downspout

Standing within a fast-paced world, keeping up to date with latest current events, world events and technology may become overwhelming. While the world may be inundated with constant reminders and sound bites from water conservation to reducing and conserving consumption of natural resources, it always a good feeling to know some things can remain simple and constant. A solid copper traditional link downspout is an all natural copper choice to standard downspouts that provides an easy and resourceful way of transporting rain fall from your gutter outlet. They are economically priced, conscientious of the environment and constructed to last a lifetime since copper weathers well with time.

What makes a Link copper downspout a superior choice to plastic downspouts?

  • It is the basic simplicity found in their structural design.
  • Link style rain chains are made to conform to your current existing gutters and perform the function of a downspout while adding a sense of style.

While plastic downspouts do not correspond in a pleasing manner against the foundation of a home, a rain chain

4 Pcs Cascading Leaves Rain Gutter Chains Bundle Deal

Cascading Leaves- Rain Gutter Chain Bundle Deal

downspout allows the rain water to flow down the length while creating a soothing zen like environment.

The link style rain chain lends itself in a consistent manner with the home, blending and becoming an extension of it. The link downspout is suspended a safe distance from the structure so rain water does not damage the foundation, allowing the chain downspout to become displayed in an exhibit like form.

The link copper rain chain is a traditional and heavy duty designed chain. It reveals a more masculine structural design and consists of a simplified arrangement of a series of links. Because of its consistent link sequence running through the entire 8.5 foot length of the chain, the water streaming down the chain moves in a steady and consistent flow. The design allows the rain fall to run directly parallel to the chain reducing the splashing effect and producing a waterfall like feature. The links are made of a 3 gauge wire thickness consisting of pure copper material. The rain chain consists of a total of 57 copper links.

Apart from its structural design, the Link rain chain has another superior feature in the way it serves the environment. Copper is a highly recyclable material and conducive in sustaining the environment. Because it is a natural material, the carbon footprint or greenhouse gases released into the environment are kept to a minimum. The consumption of eco-friendly products in the home is a smart way of reducing this environmental hazard. In addition, it encourages the salvaging of rain water. The open and structural design is made to complement and be a counterpart of catch basins. This corresponding item is used to collect the rain water released from the end of the rain chain and recycled for other uses. This is an easy way to practice an active green lifestyle and help preserve our environment.

The link copper rain chain comes equipped with a cross bar hanger attached as a way of facilitating the installation of the rain chain into your existing gutter system. As a recommendation, it is encouraged to install your link rain chain using ourcopper gutter adaptor kit ©.This helps direct the flow of water down into the rain chain in a simplified consistent manner. This design concept allows you to easily install without breaking apart your current gutter. It helps maintain an easy transition from removing your plastic downspout and incorporating your new rain chain.

Beautiful collections of Rain Chains

I had been eyeing a rain chain for some time now and contemplating whether I should purchase one or not. I first became aware of rain chains when a neighbor down my street installed one just a few weeks ago. I take my morning walks along the street where I live and noticed it hanging one morning. I haven’t had the chance to ask the gentleman who lives there his experience or where he bought it but it has been definitely on my mind. It looks like a piece of metal artwork with a sequence of cups linked together. I thought it was the most original idea and began to wonder if it had some purpose other than it being a decorative item. I though it would make a great bird feeder or a way to place small plants inside. When I went online to figure out what it supposed to do, I was even more impressed. Never did it cross my mind that it channels the rain water from the gutters. I thought that was such a neat idea that the more I saw it, the more it intrigued me.

I saw some really beautiful collections on www.monarchrainchains.com. My neighbor has a barrel looking one that goes great with the architectural design of his home. My home is quite traditional, with Mediterranean elements so I decided to go with a floral design. I chose the Flowerama rain chain for its bronzy copper color and also because the design is so alive and fresh looking. It would look great against the white stucco foundation of my home. I was thrilled when I received it. The shipping was pretty fast; I got it in less than five days of original purchase. I had my son install it and he said installation was pretty easy, considering I had standard downspouts in its original place. The rain chain came with instructions on installation so that was really helpful to my son. In less than 15 minutes, my flowerama rain chain was up!

I couldn’t be more pleased with my rain chain purchase. The website makes it easy to find the rain chain you are looking for and the shipping was really fast. I like looking outside my window just to marvel at it. It truly is a great piece of artwork that functions the same as a gutter downspout- it can’t get more awesome than that. Perhaps it will create a chain effect in our neighborhood and others will become inspired to forgo their gutter downspouts in place of a beautiful rain chain.

Athena Ross | Punta Gorda, Florida